8 dragons

The game of 8 Dragons is another interesting online casino game that provides a good dose of strategy as well. It is not just random luck that can decide your fate in the game; players have to put up real effort too in order to emerge successful. The basic concept in 8 Dragons has a Chinese style reels that have a red and black backdrop and include A through J playing cards and small gold coins, fishes and monsters. There are four levels in the game, which can be played in single player mode or against the computer. The higher level requires more strategy and skill to emerge successful.

There is also an option in the game for players to play against the dealer in the house advantage. Players who wish to reduce the house advantage need to bet only a small amount to start with and increase the amount of bets as the game progresses. This will help them maximize their earnings and reduce the amount of risk that they are taking while playing casino games.

One of the best features of 8 Dragons is its multi-player capability where a player can either play the game with the same computer program or compete against other players of the online slot machines. Playing the slots via this feature is quite beneficial for players who have a limited budget. One can even opt for renting the machine for gaming purposes instead of purchasing one outright. The slot machine business is a trillion dollar industry worldwide, and there is certainly room for another high paying online casino game like 8 Dragons.