Raging bison

If you have a few days to spare after your hectic schedule, why not play Raging Bison? It is a slot machine game that offers fun and excitement since it is based on the popular Hollywood movie, Raging Bull. You will find that the game is a little bit different from other slot machine games because it also has a casino feel to it. This is one of the reasons why many gamblers who want to try out something new and different are attracted to this slot machine.

The way the game works is as follows. First of all, you have to put in some money to start playing. You will find that the rate of the payouts is higher than that of other slot machines. It is possible to get this game online though there are still some areas where the actual game may be played offline. In that case, you can still enjoy the benefits that you can get from the raging bison slot machine and here are some of them.

First of all, you need to note that this particular slot machine has its own sound effects. When it is your turn to place your bets, then the machine will make sounds that represent the winnings that you can get upon winning. It is a good idea for you to listen carefully to these sounds because there are symbols displayed on the reels. Try to identify each symbol so that you can know what they mean. For example, the icon for the jackpot symbol means “jackpot”, the lion symbol represents the amount of money that a person can win, the eagle symbol signifies that one can win a thousand dollars and the skull symbol indicates that you can win a million dollars.

Apart from these, there are also numbers on the reels. These numbers will point out the direction of the symbols on the slots that are being spins. When a number indicates that you have to scatter all of the identical symbols on the square, then the directions of the scatter are also indicated. When you get the number five, then the directions of the scatter are indicated as straight lines and when you get the number nine you will notice that the symbols arranged in an “X” fashion form and this indicates that you should spread all the symbols in a perpendicular way.

Another thing to notice about the Raging Bison video slot machine is that the animal which is being featured in the video slot game is the bison. This can be seen in the symbols which are arranged vertically. These symbols signify that you should bet on the wild animals depicted on these reels. The icons of the different wild animals are arranged in pairs and when you see the word “bison” it means that you should bet on this pair.

If you happen to win a jackpot on this machine, then you will notice that there are actually two different paylines for winning. There is a small one that starts at one dollar and goes up to seven dollars and then continues on to ten dollars. On top of these additional free spins you will also get a small bonus amount. When these freebies accumulate to one cent, then you will get a double spin. You may also get additional free spins if you win a set amount of money. Some people who play this video slot machine are not aware that they have such options and do not realize that they can turn them off in order to prevent receiving additional free spins or to prevent losing money when playing this game.