Voodoo reels

Voodoo reels are an old-fashioned style of slot machine. Although the designs of the early slots were clean and crisp, the later ones were often colorful and had plenty of flashing lights, sounds, and graphics. The Voodoo reels of today still have their classic characteristics, but with modern twists and turns, such as animated reels and 3D effects. Casino games with Voodoo reels are quite popular, especially in online casinos, as people want to experience the “real” casino feel without actually going to Las Vegas.

SLOTMAP: A SLOTMAP developer has developed four different themed versions of his slot machines, ranging from jungle adventures to fairy tale scenarios. Developer

VILLA DEATH Masks: SLIPPERY STARE ACROSS. With an endless supply of goodies to distract players, this fun ghostly companion can lead you to greater heights of excitement in all of his exciting adventures. When guests step forward to claim their share of this special item, they’ll be greeted by a flaming skull. Players can choose to have one of their arms burned off by the skull, or keep on using the super stake that comes with this figurine. The “Blind jugglers” are one of the most loved slots due to their awesome ability to randomly select what jackpot items come out of the bottle. When the bright light shines onto the bottle, a colorful jackpot appears. Players can choose to bet a dollar amount on any one of the bottles randomly selected or wait until their turn to change it. The blind jugglers will stop spinning once they stop glowing, at which point it is up to you to decide if you want to change anything. This unique slot machine lets you win big on a consistent basis!